Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant Property Insurance Aberdeen Maryland

Most homeowners aren’t aware that a residences calls for specific insurance protection if it becomes unoccupied. This sort of insurance is known as vacant home owners insurance. If your house becomes vacant, some home insurance companies will terminate coverage if the property is empty for 30 days! The big homeowners insurance companies don’t like to insure vacant buildings. (A good number don’t provide the insurance coverage whatsoever.) Those that do, provide very limited insurance protection at very high-priced premiums. To insure your vacant home and give you the policy that works for your circumstance, you need the help of an experienced insurance agency who has learned all the tricks of unoccupied homeowners insurance policies.

Currently, there are thousands of homes in the U.S. with no insurance coverage, however the landlord believes they’re entirely protected with first-class insurance coverage. During these cases, the owner does not know the provisions of their present homeowners insurance coverage.

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